Tactical load-bearing, modular vests & Duty Belts have become standard issue for military and Law Enforcement personnel. There has long been a need to join-up the 2 platforms for better performance. With input from numerous agencies we developed a system where the operator can quickly & easily join their 2 primary load carrying systems (Vests & Duty belts) into one.


• SIMPLE & FAST: 4 quick attach, quick-release hangers securely attach load bearing “Duty” belts to Modular Ballistic vest systems.

• QUICK-RELEASE: Once installed allows user to quickly and easily attach / remove duty belts from load-bearing vests.

• LOW PROFILE: Streamlined hardware and construction provides a low-profile fit that minimizes interface with gear items.

• TOUGH & DURABLE: Constructed using combat proven Nylon web and military grade hardware.

• COMFORTABLE & SECURE: Allows for more balanced and secure load carrying capacity.

• UNIVERSAL FIT: Attaches to any “loop style” load carrying vest and Duty belts up to 2.25” width (the industry standard).

• 100% MADE IN USA!