P.T. PANEL The first ever modular heat & moisture control ventilated back panel for tactical assault packs. Ever go on that long PT march / hike and afterwards find your pack hot & soaked with stinky sweat? AND, worse yet, that sweat builds-up in the pack material and becomes a stinky Bio-Hazard! The new ultra-light P.T. panel retrofit for T.H.E. & U.A.P. packs from Spec.-Ops. Brand is based on our combat proven VAPOR holster body panel & serves as a heat and moisture management system. The MODULAR super-light compression molded EVA material won't absorb sweat, is cool, comfortable and durable! FEATURES & BENEFITS: EFFECTIVE: Draws off body heat & moisture and provides ventilation via a unique series of ridges & channels. The P.T. Panel allows perspiration to condense on its surface then drain away from pack and body while allowing airflow across the back. DURABLE, COMBAT PROVEN TECHNOLOGY: This is the same system of Non-absorbent, high-carbon EVA (the same compound used on the soles of running shoes & Lightweight combat boots) used for nearly a decade on or revolutionary VAPOR holster. (click HERE to see reviews) COMFORTABLE & PROTECTIVE: The rounded off profile of the panel's channels and body-conforming design make for a very comfortable and shock-absorbing fit. CLEAN: Will not absorb sweat and won't develop an odor. Just rinse off after use and you're good to go. LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing a mere 8 oz., the weight to benefit ratio of the P.T. Panel is optimal and unlike conventional back panels it won't gain or retain perspiration weight. LOW PROFILE, STABLE RIDE: At just under .5 thick, the P.T. Panel will not affect the CG (Center of Gravity) of your pack & serves as a flexible exoskeleton to increase load management performance. MODULAR: Gives the advantage of being easily attached / removed via the pack's shoulder & compression straps. 100% Made in the USA!