• DURABLE: 100% Made in USA, high-quality construction, made from double layer, high-tech polymer that is crack-proof and holds up to extreme temperatures  - designed for prolonged use.
  • COMFORTABLE: Distributes pack weight between shoulders, back and hips for a more comfortable carry with extreme loads.
  • VERSATILE: Removable Aluminum alloy stiffeners provide extra support with heavy loads & can be “custom” formed to fit wearer’s body profile.
  • 2 SIZES:   LARGE to fit T.H.E.® Pack TACTICAL™  & SMALL to fit T.H.E.® Pack EDC™.
  • DIMENSIONS:  LARGE:  17.5" high x 11.25" wide, SMALL:  15.625" High x 8.25" Wide x 0.3" Thick (with aluminum stays).