• HIGH PERFORMANCE: Dual "Power Strike" stretch zones allow the weapon to be utilized for vehicle mounted operations and CQB techniques, such as a muzzle strike, all while maintaining the user's balance and weapon retention.
  • FAST & ACCURATE TARGETING: Rapid length adjustment feature "Center Balance Point" design allows for fast engagement from almost any shooting position.
  • AMBIDEXTROUS: Allows for completely ambidextrous use of the weapon when "slicing the pie".
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: "Center-Point" adjustment feature allows the sling to fit over a wide range of user sizes and equipment while maintaining the correct weapon positioning and comfort.
  • DUTY TOUGH: EXCLUSIVE Hybrid tubular webbing, the toughest materials available and battle proven construction make the Lone Star Rig ready for a lifetime of dependable service.
  • DUAL QUICK RELEASE: Dual Quick-Release configuration allows the weapon to be instantly released while wearing the sling and/or the entire sling and weapon can be ditched in an emergency situation.
  • VERSATILE: The universal sling attachment design allows the Lone Star Rig to be mounted to almost any weapon on the market today equipped with a single point sling mount.
  • BATTLE BUCKLES: All slings are now made with patented BATTLE-BUCKLES sling-specific hardware.