Lighter weight, increased comfort with more carrying capacity, all without sacrificing any of the characteristics that MLE professionals need for hard-core, professional use.

  • Features & Benefits:
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: With our proprietary, low-profile "Grip-loop"™ polymer sizing hardware & high-definition belt webbing the BDB has the most carrying capacity per size of any 2.250" duty belt.
  • LIGHTER WEIGHT: A full 15% lighter than its predecessor without any sacrifice in performance.
  • COMFORTABLE: The fully breathable & larger 2.250" contact surface creates a belt that evenly and more comfortably distributes duty gear load.
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT: Just slide the "Grip-Loops" out of the way, resize, slide them back into position and you're good to go!
  • MORE LOAD CAPACITY: Ultra-stiff 2.250" webbing that won't crush-down under load and our narrow-profile "Grip-Loops" allow for more linear carrying space for ammo & duty gear.
  • SECURE FIT: Multiple size options and customized fit combined with the industry standard, MADE IN USA 3-Point locking buckle make for a super strong belt that won’t come undone under serious field use.
  • DURABLE: All materials are 100% USA Made from the finest & strongest Nylon and Polymers available today. No unpredictable import junk here!
  • FULL SIZE RANGE: Small- 26" to 30" Medium - 32" to 36" Large - 36" to 42" XL - 44" to 48" XXL - 50" to 54".
  • 100% MADE IN USA & BERRY COMPLIANT: Meets all federal requirements under the Berry Amendment.